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Take your business to the next level!

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Rent a bike
Walking tour
Water activities
Diving school
Rent a jet-ski
Segway tour
...and many more

NoStress° for your business development


You are a reseller or a supplier of tours & activities?
Organize all your services by synchronizing your sales channels and devices in real-time.
Give your agents log-in access so they can self-service to book directly with customized rates and payment methods.
Connect with other providers to create new revenues and enhance your bid through cross-selling model.
Keep your fingers on the pulse and watch your business grow!

All you need is Heart NoStress°

Simple and personalized

Have a clear overview of all your bookings!

Follow assets’ availability

Know your earnings at any time

Real-time schedule overview

Book now or
pay later

Give your customers full quotation
so you never miss booking opportunity!

Forget about the time zones

Forget about the calls

24/7 booking

Easy check-in

With simple QR scan get your customers on board
and manage your boarding lists!

Avoid boarding confusion

Instant customer dialer

Stay within your schedule


Control revenue, time and
team productivity - manage all your resources
at one place!

Clear statistics - be up to date
with numbers

Improve your profit using historical data

Expand business through your network

Choose the best option for you!


2.500,00 Kn
•Unlimited B2B transactions
• BookNow Button
(„Personal“ Webshop Plug-in)
Commission 10%
• BookNow24 portal commision: 20%
10000+ points of sale
Stay tuned
5.000,00 Kn
•Unlimited B2B transactions
• BookNow Button
(„Personal“ Webshop Plug-in)
Commission 5%
• BookNow24 portal commision: 10%
10000+ points of sale
Stay tuned
0 Kn
•Unlimited products and inventory
• BookNow Button
(„Personal“ Webshop Plug-in)
Commission 10%
• BookNow24 portal commision: 20%
10000+ points of sale
Stay tuned
3.000,00 Kn
•Unlimited products and inventory
• BookNow Button
(„Personal“ Webshop Plug-in)
Commission 5%
• BookNow24 portal commision: 10%
10000+ points of sale
Stay tuned
All annual sub. + VAT + BLA2
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Marin Radic Lucija Radovčić Ante Cukrov
Marin Radic
Charter Trogir, Trogir
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For a little while now I've been using this software that has been boosting my sales and getting me new partnership network. No more crazy (unnecessary) phone calls and missed reservation opportunities.

Lucija Radovčić
Solaris Beach Resort, Sibenik
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We found a way to satisfy our growing business needs and improve customer satisfaction as well as the quality of the service itself. This tool has managed to build loyalty with our guests offering them variety of services in real time. With NoStress our business is organized to keep everybody satisfied, both employees and guests.

Ante Cukrov
Destina d.o.o., Vodice
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Adding Booknow button increased my sale and now my boats are full with no possibilities of overbooking. Finally, for the first time, I can enjoy summer activities with my grandchildren.

All features
Tour&activity management
  • • Booking engine
  • • Clear visual calendar
  • • Interactive boarding lists
  • • QR code scanning
  • • Google maps integration for geo location
  • • Create unique tours and activities for specific channels
  • • Ability to hide items from list and reseller channels
  • • Rental system
  • • Minimum passengers and confirm/charge later
  • • Passenger manifest
  • • Create specific groups of tours and activities
  • • Customisable description fields, inclusions, exclusions, things to bring
  • • Clear overview of multiple departures
  • • Assign tags to multiple products
  • • Expiry date for seasonal products
  • • Search for customers using quick search function
  • • Browse tours and activities by group
Booking tools
  • • Real-time booking
  • • BookNow button
  • • E-mail booking confirmation
  • • Website integration
  • • View and process booking online
  • • Different booking getaway options
  • • Quickly added bookings
  • • Easy booking modification
  • • Booking payment cancellation
  • • Track booking status
  • • Live seat availability
Payment and Pricing
  • • Payment gateway
  • • Accept all credit cards
  • • E-mail and print receipts and vouchers
  • • Multiple pricing level (seasonal pricing)
  • • Down payments and deposit
  • • Payment processing on time of booking
  • • Point-of-sale desk
  • • Tax calculation based on product
  • • Multi-currency
  • • Display last 4 digits of credit card number only
Company organisation
  • • Asset/resource managemen
  • • Partner network connectivity
  • • Agents and resellers
  • • Personalised company structure
  • • Allow trusted partners to log in
    and access your poin t of sale
  • • Pricing plans
  • • Apply commission rate for reseller
  • •Administration area access
  • • Multiple administrator login
  • • Live inventory
Reports and Loyalty program
  • • Business Intelligence
  • • Agent’s efficiency/productivity
  • • Gift certificate and voucher codes
  • • Automated e-mail reminder
  • • Social media review invitation
  • • Sales statistics
  • • Resource statistics
  • • Complete online documentation available
  • • Online training videos, helpful tutorials and support knowledge base
  • • Free updates
  • • Cloud hosting powered by Google
  • • Live telephone technical support during regular business hours
  • • Available via telephone, email or Skype
  • • Multilingual (English and Croatian only)
  • • All support based in-house
  • • Instant access to new funcionalities and features
  • • All existing data kept intact while upgrading